We are a small local business!

Our business goal is to offer private & personalised tours of Goolwa to complement the big tourism operator and volunteer cruises (PS Oscar W.) also available here at Goolwa. The best way to understand our service and booking process is that we are a marine version of a ‘Chauffeured Limosine’.

1. Where do we operate from?

We do not have an office, although groups are more than welcome to meet at the Coorong Quays marina office (plenty of parking available). Once a booking has been made, we confirm and organise collect you from the Coorong Quays Fuel Dock landing in fromt of Islanders Tavern (Tolarno Drive, Hindmarsh Island)

2. When do we operate?

Our winter cruises operate as a custom charter. Generally we can operate for any day of the week and departure times are available from 10am, however booking well in advance is required.

3. Can I make a same-day booking?

This service is not available over the winter season.

4. How many passengers can we carry?

Our commercial license currently limits us to 4 passengers, regardless of age or weight. For commercial boats any person over 12 months of age is considered a passenger. Winter cruises are only availabe as a 4-person booking.

5. How long are the cruises?

Our boat does not have any wet facilities so a single cruise is limited to two hours.

6. Can anyone come on a cruise?

Generally YES, and we have PFD’s for all persons including infants. We have a customised boat entry frame which provides excellent handholds and support, however as you do need to step into and out of the boat passengers must have mobility equivalent to climbing a short set of stairs.

Our modern, Australian designed & built boat is safe, extremely comfortable & very stable – we are proud to report that we have not  had even a single case of motion sickness.  For those unfamiliar or perhaps a bit cautious about boating, we can restrict cruises to the confines of the Coorong Quays marina, where the waters are wind-protected and you are never more than a few metres away from the shoreline.

7. How do I make a booking?

Just call 0402 826 960 to make a booking.

8. How do I pay?

Winter cruises are pre-paid by PayPal.

9. Minimum Booking Fee

Our winter service is a fixed price two-hour charter for $300.

11. What if the weather is terrible for your booked cruise?

Our business goal is for you to enjoy your cruise,  so if the weather is not suitable alternative we will gladly reschedule your cruise to another date. Please note that winter bookings are not refundable.

12. Do we cruise to the Coorong and the Murray Mouth?

No. We have plans to offer charters to the Coorong in the future, however at the moment we only offer cruises in the freshwaters of Goolwa, the Coorong Quays Marina and the Lower Lakes (upstream from the Goolwa Barrage).

Coorong Quays Marina

Head over the Hindmarsh Island bridge, and after 1.2km along Randell Road (named after Captain William Randell) you take the firsrt right-hand turn into the Coorong Quays marina. Take the right-hand exit from the first roundabout and head towards the Marina office. At the second roundabout (just before the Islander’s Tavern) again take the right-hand exit and this leads you down to the water where there is a carpark and this is where we dock. Note that this dock is the most wind-protected and is the best dock for passengers with limited mobility.