1. Where do we operate from?

We do not have an office, instead we collect guests directly from any jetty or wharf on the river: even from right in front of many waterfront properties. However we have three main pick-up locations (see maps below):

a. Main Goolwa Wharf (Cutting Road, Goolwa)
b. Jetty in front of the Aquacaf/Fleurieu Function Centre/Goolwa Aqautic Club building (Barrage Road, Goolwa)
c. Coorong Quays Fuel Dock landing in fromt of Islanders Tavern (Tolarno Drive, Hindmarsh Island)

When you make a booking we contact you to discuss which pick-up location is suitable.

2. How many passengers can we carry?

Our commercial license currently limits us to 4 passengers, regardless of age or weight. For commercial boats any person over 12 months of age is considered a passenger.

3. How long are the cruises?

Our boat does not have any wet facilities so a single cruise is limited to two hours. However longer morning or afternoon excursions can be organised (see visiting the Finniss River and Clayton Bay) by appointment.

4. Can anyone come on a cruise?

Generally yes, as we have PFD’s for all persons including infants. We have a customised boat entry frame which provides excellent handholds and support, however as you do need to step into and out of the boat passengers must have mobility equivalent to climbing a short set of stairs.

5. How do I make a booking?

a. Online: you can book & pre-pay defined start time cruises as long as you book at least 24hours in advance.
b. Phone: just call 0402 826 960 to make a booking. Cruises booked by phone can be booked for any start time that suits (if available).
c. Goolwa Visitor Centre: the friendly staff can book your cruise across the counter.

6. How do I pay?

Cash, EFTPOS (we have a portable terminal on the boat) or by credit card for online bookings.

7. Minimum Booking Fee

Most of our cruises are priced ‘per person’, and these cruises have a minimum booking fee equivalant to 2 persons. So this is the minimum fee for a single person booking, however we do offer discounts for groups of 3 or 4 guests.

8. Boat charters

Our evening cruises (Christmas Lights & Summer Sunset) are priced as boat ‘charters’. This means there is a single cost for the cruise, so it is the same price no matter how many passengers (1,2,3 or 4).

9. Do we cruise to the Coorong and the Murray Mouth?

No. We have plans to offer charters to the Coorong in the future, however at the moment we only offer cruises in the freshwaters of Goolwa, the Coorong Quays Marina and the Lower Lakes (upstream from the Goolwa Barrage).

Main Goolwa Wharf

As you head south down to the end of the main street of Goolwa (Cadell St named after Captain Francis Cadell) take the slight left-hand turn after the Visitor Centre and this leads you down to the Wharf precinct. Head over the railway line and turn right, then continue between the two buildings to the south end of the wharf. There is a car-park there and we dock right there on the water.

Goolwa Aquatic Club Jetty

As you head down Barrage Road past the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club, the road runs along the shoreline right down to the Goolwa Barrage and Beacon 19 boat ramp. There is only one building on the water side of Barrage Road, which houses the Aquacaf, the Fleurieu Function Centre and the Goolwa Aquatic Club.  As you walk around the building, on the water there is a jetty where we dock.  Further south along Barrage Road (past the building) is a public boat ramp, a large carpark and a playground.

Coorong Quays Marina

Head over the Hindmarsh Island bridge, and after 1.2km along Randell Road (named after Captain William Randell) you take the firsrt right-hand turn into the Coorong Quays marina. Take the right-hand exit from the first roundabout and head towards the Marina office. At the second roundabout (just before the Islander’s Tavern) again take the right-hand exit and this leads you down to the water where there is a carpark and this is where we dock. Note that this dock is the most wind-protected and is the best dock for passengers with limited mobility.